About Fifo Capital

Proven model delivers continual growth

Fifo Capital is a fast-growing, business-finance brand expanding globally. We provide short-term, high-return working capital solutions for secure small and medium businesses.

Launched in New Zealand in 2005, we opened our doors in Australia three years later and more recently in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. Strong distribution supported by innovative products and smart systems has been a core principle of business development, which has proven highly successful over the past twelve years. Today the business enjoys continual growth of circa. 40% each year, and combined has funded near to one billion dollars in business finance.

Non-bank alternative finance for business has grown rapidly and is fast becoming a mainstream option for businesses looking for more flexible and timely options for their cash flow and capital needs. Currently operating in six countries with over 70 Franchisees, Fifo Capital forecasts entering a three new countries over the next three years. Our due diligence assessments of a number of markets continues to highlight the growing demand for the services offered by Fifo Capital.

International franchise business

As an exclusive country owner of the Fifo Capital business system, the Master Franchise Partner has rights to a market that offers an exceptional opportunity to build a successful and highly rewarding business, backed by the systems and support developed and fine-tuned by Fifo Capital over the past twelve years.

Headway magazine

Headway Magazine is Fifo Capital’s 32-page quarterly online publication packed full of business insight, observation and tips. Inside, we look at techniques to best manage clients, local impacts from global change, tips to protect your intellectual property, and smart ways to manage your business finances. See past and present magazine issues here – it’s a worthy read!

Q2 Headway

  • 1 Billion dollars in business funded

  • 40% growth per year

  • 8 countries and 70+ franchisees

  • Successful franchised operators

  • Expanding global market