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Supply chain finance

Offering an optional early payment solution to your suppliers can be viewed as socially responsible. Suppliers are free to choose when to take advantage of the early payment, and with Fifo Capital, they set their own early payment discount. This facility costs the customer (ie, the buyer of the goods), nothing at all, and it is an optional facility for their suppliers.

Single invoice finance

Invoice finance allows a business to access cash which is tied up in unpaid invoices. This is done by effectively selling an unpaid invoice or group of invoices. A percentage of the invoice value (usually between 80 and 90%) is paid out immediately to the business and the balance retained until the invoice is paid by the business’s customer.

Business loans

A short-term business loan allows a company to borrow a lump sum of cash for a short period of time – usually three to 12 months – utilising a range of security options. Tailored to each business situation and security available, the loan facility supports the clients short term finance needs without impacting the clients existing credit or finance relationships.

Stock funding

A Stock Loan provides funding for either part or all the manufacture and import process, whether it be for payment of deposits on goods to be manufactured, funding the shipping period, or for settling customs duty payments, a Fifo Capital Stock Loan can be structured to cater for the specifics of the manufacturing and import process for each business’ unique circumstance.

Customer payment plans

A Fifo Capital structured payment plan allows businesses to offer their customers the option to break down a large purchase into small regular payments, spreading the cost over a period of time. It works like a loan, with the interest calculated based on the length of the plan and built into each payment amount. The business gets their full payment upfront, and the customer spreads their payments over time.

Foreign exchange

Fifo Capital and international payments specialists HiFX have partnered to provide clients with simple, secure and efficient ways to send and receive international payments at preferential and very competitive rates in over 80 currencies. Transactions are tailored and cater for all needs; Spot and Forward, Exchange Contracts, Market Orders, Currency Options and more.

Purpose-fit finance for a growing market

Clients use Fifo Capital to either alleviate short-term cash flow issues or to realise growth potential.

We support a growing market of clients who:

    • Deal with long customer payment terms
    • Manage fluctuating cash flow
    • Have lean cash flow and need to access cash for growth or operational needs
    • Have a high concentration of their business with one or more customers
    • Prefer not to secure business lending with property
    • Can benefit from early paying supplier discounts
    • Deal with customers who are struggling to pay invoices in a single payment
    • Would like to attract new customers who may not be able to pay invoices in a single payment.

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