Fifo Capital Franchise System

International Franchise Business

Tested and evolved over ten years in operation, the Fifo Capital Franchise System covers all business areas – training, credit, legal, marketing and more. Following is a summary of the business systems, procedures and processes provided for Master Partners.

Training and Development

The suite of Fifo Capital Training and Development resources and programmes includes: (1) Training and ongoing support for Master Partners for both establishing a Franchisee network and supporting the business needs of Franchisees; and (2) Franchisee Training and Business Development, including initial induction and ongoing business skills development (soft and business transaction related). All material and course outlines are made available to Master Partners on joining Fifo Capital.

Brand and Marketing

The Fifo Capital brand is both professional and accessible, designed to resonate with the target market. Further, the brand identity is well established and documented, allowing for a smooth introduction into new markets. All Marketing material and activity – online and offline – adheres to strict brand guidelines to maximise awareness through consistency. Find out more about the Fifo Capital Marketing Programme, which is centrally managed on behalf of Master Partners by clicking here.

Streamline CRM

Fifo Capital’s own Streamline CRM is a custom solution, designed to service the business management and transactional needs of both Master Partners and Franchisees. A comprehensive system, it supports process compliance and best practice sales and customer management. An end-to-end solution, Streamline CRM is the primary tool used by all Fifo Capital stakeholders, ensuring real-time business transparency and efficient operations – be that transactions managed by Franchisees or the business reporting and analysis of Master Partners.

Credit, Legal and Process

All Fifo Capital Business Documentation and Processes are comprehensively recorded, adapted for territory needs and maintained to ensure compliance with local regulation. This includes, but is not limited to: credit assessment guidelines, processes, designations and associated client documentation; contracts and other legally required documentation relevant to the territory; and operations manuals for all other business functions, such as Marketing, Sales and HR.


"The decision to join Fifo Capital has delivered beyond my wildest dreams. On the earnings front, by my sixth month in business I had already exceeded my goals for the first year. I hit the $1million mark in finance written for the month in my 12th month. The average monthly business I have written for the last 12 months is $2.7million."

− Mark Edwards - Australian Franchisee

"Fifo Capital really is better than the rest. It’s a great mix of people and the support available is comprehensive and always there when you need it. I’m very lucky that I get to work with people I like, while growing both my business and those of my clients even further. If you have the capability for this business it’s brilliant – you just have to get into it!"

− Andrew Dunning - New Zealand Franchisee

"Fifo Capital has a winning combination of the right product and a growing market, so presents great scope to make money if you have the right kind of experience and enjoy helping people. Being part of a small, fast, flexible business means that I can focus on my customers and on finding the creative solutions they need to solve their lending challenges."

− Melissa Johnson - New Zealand Franchisee

"Fifo Capital were an integral part of getting our business growth happening. Using them to provide cashflow whilst waiting for government funds to flow into the business meant we could expand at three times the rate; this growth then led to the business being able to gain other contracts due our size. They were extremely flexible about payment timings and on call whenever needed. Their ability to alter the level of advancements against invoices meant we only had to pay for the part we needed advancing. There is no way a bank would be that flexible or reasonable in their costs. I would highly recommend their services to any developing business."

− Go Green, NSW Australia

"Fifo Capital easily met my short deadline and delivered exactly what he promised at a time when the growth of my business required our debtor funds to survive. Fifo Capital's support allowed our business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible without this funding facility."

− Packaging Company, Victoria, Australia

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