Our Business Structure

Franchise Distribution Model

Fifo Capital is a proven business model in which exclusive Master Partners develop a network of Business Partner Franchisees, supported by the systems provided by Fifo Capital International. See an outline of the Fifo Capital business structure below.

Funding and Revenue

Fifo Capital is a shared-funding model. By sharing funding, all Business Partner Franchisees can invest – and therefore receive returns – on more transactions completed through the network. Using this model, returns for both Master Partners and Franchisees are not limited by access to funds or lack of new business leads.

Master Partner Returns

Strong distribution is a key driver in Fifo Capital’s success. A turn-key package, Master Partners recruit and appoint Fifo Capital Business Partner Franchises to candidates with the right qualities for an upfront Franchise Fee and annual fee for services and support.

Business Partner Franchisee Returns

Fifo Capital Franchisees invest in client transactions and charge a fee based on the time the finance is needed for, and the security provided by the client. Each transaction delivers a return on investment (fee) for the Business Partner Franchisee and a royalty for the Master Partner, commensurate to the transaction value.

Fifo Capital Australia

Fifo Capital opened its doors in Australia in 2007 and since then has funded over $800 million in business finance. View the Fifo Capital Australia website by clicking here.

Fifo Capital New Zealand

Fifo Capital launched in 2005 and to date has funded over $150 million in business finance. View the Fifo Capital New Zealand website by clicking here.

Fifo Capital United Kingdom

In 2016 Fifo Capital entered England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In a short time, it has formed many valuable partnerships. View the Fifo Capital United Kingdom website by clicking here.

Fifo Capital Ireland

In 2017, Fifo Capital commenced operations in the Ireland. This market is a logical progression for our business offering and fits nicely with our model. View our Ireland website by clicking here.

Business Functions

International Head Franchisor

Appointment of Master Partner Franchisees in selected countries.

Development of core processes, procedures and documentation, including: legal frameworks relevant to each country; the Streamline CRM; credit processes; sales documentation; Master Partner and Business Partner Franchisee on-boarding and professional development training framework; and facilitation of the core marketing program.

Ongoing support in partnership with Master Partners as the network develops.

Country Master Franchisee Partners

Develop a Franchisee network within their respective territories.

Develop and support a referral partner network.

Undertake administrative functions in support of the referral partner and Franchise network including: credit assessment support for Business Partner Franchisees; legal, sales and credit documentation maintenance; facilitation of new Business Partner Franchisees on-boarding and ongoing professional development across the network; and territory facilitation of the core marketing program.

Local Business Partner Franchisees

Develop referral partner relationships.

Source new clients and maintain relationships with existing clients.

Complete the sales process from client engagement through to credit assessment and funding.

Execute the core marketing program in their local territory and undertake sufficient marketing activity required to source potential clients.